Adventures with Ozobots – Students will learn the basics of computer programming, complete a quest, and see their code come to life through tiny, interactive robots. Ozobots can be controlled through line drawings with 'colour' code inserted into the lines. They can also be controlled using Ozoblockly, an app for block coding.


No prior typing or coding experience required. The workshop is a space to encourage our budding pioneers to design, craft, experiment and innovate!



Learn the basics of coding and develop an interactive mini-game during this one-day workshop. Scratch is an internationally renowned program that was developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to inspire people of all ages to learn the basics of coding and create the types of games and animations they enjoy playing and watching through drag-and-drop programming blocks (LEGO-like puzzle pieces). Scratch is an open-source program, meaning participants can build on their newly acquired skills and continue developing their own interactive games, stories, and animations at home.



3D CAD modeling is one of the most powerful tools in design. The ability to visualise your ideas and communicate them with such ease and efficiency is a vital skill. We have a fun adventure for students to learn the basics moving onto more challenging tasks. We use Sketch-Up which is a free powerful piece of software which means students can continue their learning after-wards at home.  



Using Lego Technics components in conjunction with SBricks, students will design and build a series of programmable motorised vehicles! Using the SBrick interface they will program their creations to follow set commands or choose to take control and maneuver them in realtime. The workshop will culminate with creating a giant Lego City Road Map to put our robots to the test!

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