Engineering Challenge

A treasure hunt with a series of engineering and architectural challenges to cultivate problem solving skills.


The Engineering Challenge will consist of project-based scenarios, with an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging students to explore 'real-world problems'.  The team of explorers will work through a series of playful architectural and engineering tasks. They will solve puzzles and challenges as they move through the treasure hunt map! The workshop is a space to encourage our budding pioneers to design, craft, experiment and innovate!


The activities will include:

- STEAM concepts and subjects interwoven seamlessly into fun and engaging tasks. 

- Opportunities to integrate and apply meaningful and important content in practical exercises.

- Inquiry
based, process focused and student centred tasks.

- Investigations that provide students with ownership over their learning, cultivating their ability to think critically, creatively and freely!

- Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication!