*We are giving 100 students a free session in Adobe Illustrator, Game Design, Micro:Bit or Virtual Reality Design!*
*You can book up to 3 sessions per student*




AGE 9+

In our Adobe Illustrator Software sessions, students get to start exploring the truly incredible design tool that is Illustrator. From creating simple designs to designing and laying out professional books, Illustrator continues to be a piece of leading industry software. We absolutely love it as a design tool and are thrilled to now be bringing this to our budding designers! 

 These sessions are delivered by our master of the Adobe Suite, Nour. She guides students from their very first use of the vast range of tools available, up to creating colourful masterpieces! This is for students new to Illustrator and those with prior skills.

*To participate in this course students will need to either have their own Adobe Illustrator Cloud subscription or they can set up a 7 day free trial prior to the course using the following link.*


AGE 6 - 16

Micro:Bit - The Power of Tech Taster Session introduces students to the incredible potential of the self programmable Micro:Bit Chip and the vast array of plugins and additional kit that can be used in conjunction with it.

On our full Micro:Bit courses, students get opportunities to learn about Block-based coding• Debugging• Student led design projects• Javascript & Python•  Higher levels of engagement and creativity• Loops and functions• Multi-sensory design


AGE 6 - 16

Students learn to create virtual and augmented reality 3D models, using a range of highly accessible tools. They learn to animate their 3D worlds using block coding, or experiment with advanced scripting in Javascript. Students receive a link to share their virtual environments with friends and family for them to explore or collaborate on further developing.

These sessions are delivered by our pair of master VR designers, Helen and Maggie. Maggie is a true wizard when it comes to 3D, UX and UI design, and Helen has been the pioneer of our VR program and recently led the BBC Micro:bit challenge in Malawi and Tanzania! On our 5 session course, students learn to build multi faceted 3D environments using the full range of the tools available. They also receive one of our VR headsets to experience their designs in true VR!


AGE 9+

TinkerCad is a truly awesome 3D modelling tool, enabling users to visualise and design literally anything in their imagination. The course equips students with advanced modelling skills to start building, creating and letting their imaginations run wild. 

Students don't need to have any prior experience of 3D modelling software.

Students will develop and design two final projects which we 3D print and send to you! 


These sessions are run by our 3D design and robotics specialist George Hartt. George has worked for MIT, creates his own robots and is going to Cambridge next year to study engineering.


AGE 8 - 13

Using the wonders of MakeCode Arcade, students learn to design, code and build their very own arcade games. They get to draw and design their characters and game environments, before programming all the necessary code to make their game come to life!

Students learn to develop complex multi player games that integrate challenges and puzzles, pushing their problem solving skills and dexterity to the max. This is led by our queen game designer Yasmine.


Yasmine guides students from laying down their very first blocks to creating complex full stack games! Students develop three unique gaming platforms, and have the opportunity to receive one of our MakeCode gaming pads to give their games a test drive in the physical world!

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