Students learn to create virtual and augmented reality 3D models, using a range of highly accessible tools for 1 hour per week. They learn to animate their 3D worlds using block coding, or experiment with advanced scripting in Javascript. Students receive a link to share their virtual environments with friends and family for them to explore or collaborate on further developing.

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@ 11:00 - 12:00

  • Develop Skills In VR Design, Storytelling, Block Coding & Animation
  • Receive a VR Headset in the post
  • Gain Full Access to the Co-Spaces platform
  • 6 Highly FocusED Lessons
  • 6 Weeks of Ongoing Support From Our Team

These sessions are delivered by our pair of master VR designers, Helen and Maggie. Maggie is a true wizard when it comes to 3D, UX and UI design, and Helen has been the pioneer of our VR program and recently led the BBC Micro:bit challenge in Malawi and Tanzania! On our 6 session course, students learn to build multi faceted 3D environments using the full range of the tools available. They also receive one of our VR headsets to experience their designs in true VR!


£240 > £120

Mon 20th - Fri 24th

@ 15:00 - 16:00

Mon 27th - Fri 1st

@ 16:00 - 17:00

0207 183 1398

80 Sudbourne Road