A themed workshop with a series of 3D modelling challenges which introduce the powerful tool of sketch-up. This software is open source meaning the students can take the knowledge they have learnt and experiment further at home. No prior experience is necessary for this workshop. 

3d cad 


 LEGO Technics & SBrick: The Dynamic Duo! – In addition to simpler brick-building, students will create more complex LEGO models that have movable arms, machines with wheels, motors, transmissions, and differentials prior to programming them and learning how to control them remotely.

lego technic & s-brick

Designed to develop your own interactive games, stories, and animations using Scratch! –  Scratch is an internationally renowned program that was developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to encourage people of all ages to learn the basics of coding and create the types of games and animations they enjoy playing and watching through drag-and-drop programming blocks (LEGO-like puzzle pieces).


A treasure hunt with a series of engineering and architectural challenges. The students will work in teams and work through activities that cultivate problem-solving abilities and build confidence. 

engineering challenge

Students will learn the basics of computer programming, complete a quest, and see their code come to life through tiny, interactive robots. No prior typing or coding experience required.

adventures with ozobots

Our wind powered sailors, riders and pilots will learn about the wonders of wind power, how to harness it and importantly, how to make their creations speed across land, water and through the sky!

wind powered machines

We have a variety of workshops for Key Stage1, 2 and 3. These are designed by Industry professionals who are specialists in their fields. These are longer sessions than our after-school clubs to allow the students to be more ambitious with their outcomes. These are project-based activities which combine a number of disciplines with real- life applications. Please contact us if you are interested in running one of these workshops at your schools, during term time, weekends or holidays. 

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