We have a variety of workshops for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3. These are designed by Industry professionals who are specialists in their fields. These are longer sessions than our after-school clubs to allow the students to be more ambitious with their outcomes. These are project-based activities which combine a number of disciplines with real- life applications. Please contact us if you are interested in running one of these workshops at your schools, during term time, weekends or holidays. 

3D modeling

A themed workshop with a series of 3D modelling challenges which introduce the powerful tool of sketch-up. This software is open source meaning the students can take the knowledge they have learnt and experiment further at home.

adventures with ozobots

Students will learn the basics of computer programming, complete a quest, and see their code come to life through tiny, interactive robots.

VR & AR 

AR and VR platform which allows students to model using 3D creation tools, animate using block coding, or experiment with advanced scripting. Students will create their own bespoke virtual environments.

engineering challenge

A treasure hunt with a series of engineering and architectural challenges. The students will work in teams and work through activities that cultivate problem-solving abilities and build confidence.

Robot wars

Students will build their own vehicle which will complete a series of challenges. Using micro:bit students will have the option to hack their vehicle and program it either using IR or pre-loaded code.

musical code

Using the BBC micro:bit students will explore sound creation through code and use the micro controller to create their own musical machines.

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