Creating a project from scratch? Use this template with all the Maqueen code-blocks installed!

Move forward and turn left 

Make Maqueen move forward

Move in a Zig Zag forever 

Make Maqueen do a little dance sequence. Edit the code to make your own sequence of moves for Maqueen!

Show a smiley face and a heart on the micro:bit’s LED display.

Turn on Maqueen’s front lights when Maqueen is moving.

Make Maqueen follow a path you draw on white paper with a think black line.

Make Maqueen sing a song.

Show how far away an obstacle is in centimetres on Maqueen’s LED display.

Make Maqueen automatically avoid obstacles – set Maqueen free around the room!

Obstacle avoiding maqueen upgraded with many other features that we learnt to code!

Walk in a square forever

Show an arrow on the LED display to show which way Maqueen is turning

Make Maqueen’s front lights flash on and off.

Make Maqueen’s front lights flash on and off while moving. Uses variables and loops.

Make Maqueen’s lights flash and play a siren like a fire engine.

Make Maqueen beep and flash lights when reversing.

Template for reversing buzzer and lights.

Template to make Maqueen avoid obstacles.

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