meet the team

We are a team of architects, artists, illustrators, engineers, coders and inventors that have first-hand experience in our industries. We dedicate part of our week to teaching children, giving them insights into our fields. Alongside our teachers, we have access to a broad range of specialists, from software developers to structural engineers that contribute to our course content. We hope to inspire the students we work with to pursue their own dreams and interests.


Emma has a background in Architecture and large-scale installation design. She is passionate about equipping young people with the tools to be adaptable in an ever-changing world. For her, 'design meets tech' is where the magic happens. She is the founder and head designer at


Helen studied Fine Art at the University of Westminster where she incorporated ideas of chance and humour using art, science and technology. She also began to understand ways in which we can engage and inspire curiosity, particularly when working with children which has progressed onto innovating, designing and leading workshops.


Jazmin works in digital arts and engagement. Her personal practise focuses on the complexities within simulating culture and identity through virtual games and experiences. Technology is used as a creative toolset to respond to predetermined ideologies and cultural and political theory. Jazmin works across institutions around London focusing on alternative STE(A)M education for diverse groups of people.


George is a roboticist who loves to explore how cutting-edge research in physics can make our lives better. He enjoys travelling and so far lived in London, New York, Prague and Munich, expanding his knowledge of helpful technology by working in new startups, collaborative maker spaces and pursuing a wide-range of innovative personal projects.


Tiegan studies interactive digital design at the BRIT School of Preforming Arts. She likes to experiment, take risks and has a passion for design and coding. She is interested in how design can problem solve and is looking to study a degree in User Experience Design. She is inspired by the TedEx talk 'Start with why' by Simon Sinek.

Could you be next?

Do you think you have what it takes to join our team? If you are passionate about STEAM and share our views on teaching to inspire, we would like to hear from you. To find out more about what we are looking for and details on how to apply, use the button below.


Yazmin is a Python learner, photographer and designer. She has spent time working with the Canadian organisation Right To Play and has a wealth of experience with helping to shape young minds.


Lynn is an arts practitioner, educator and researcher. She is passionate about creating learning encounters that inspire a spirit of enquiry. Lynn is currently studying her Masters in Arts and Learning at Goldsmiths University.


Tim Wheatley is an Illustrator and Animator. He has spent the last 6 years working in the animation industry as both an animator and a director. Tim has worked on many children’s TV shows including Peppa Pig, Poppy Cat and The Night Zookeeper. He has also directed a TV pilot, short films and music videos. He is currently working on his first children’s picture book.


Maggie is an all-rounder: designer, illustrator, and front-end developer. She’s passionate about sustainability, problem solving, and behaviour. Finding most inspiration from working with young minds, Maggie has also been continuously doing work supporting vulnerable children and youths in London and abroad since 2014.


Tovi is currently studying Cyber Security and Computer Forensics at Kingston University. Tovi's background is in graphic design and he has a passion for creativity. He is skilled in training and delivering to students of all ages and enjoys sharing his knowledge to inspire young minds.


Jake is an artist/designer/chess player. He founded Mindful Chess which is an extra-curricular programme to teach students chess in a fun & engaging way. He is passionate about inspiring young people to play and create without fear of 'getting it wrong'.


Eric is passionate about the potential for a bright future through inspiring the next generation today. Eric has been involved in a number of youth projects including delivering solar panel workshops across London, leadership and emotional resilience sessions and also enjoys merging poetry with music.


Amy studies Philosophy at King’s College London. She has advanced analytical skills and her main interest is logic. She has a wealth of experience in patience, explanation and empathy. She is highly curious about the world, logic, physics and maths. I am eager to share this wonder with my students.


Rosie is an actress with a passion for self-expression and discovery. She finds inspiration in the mechanics of how people and things work, and the relationship between the two. Rosie is experienced in working with children to aid them in self-development through play.


Fiona has worked for a diverse range of organisations and charities helping them to deliver projects and training. She is a firm believer that education should be dynamic, diverse and engaging. Her person focused ethos allows her to deliver results by creating enjoyable experiences where people feel valued.







We are looking for skilled individuals with a passion for tech, design, lego, robots and a love of sharing your knowledge. We have a range of roles teaching children from as young as 3-years-old up to 16. Whatever your experience, be it graphic design, architecture, block coding, web design or Python, we want to hear from you.

 All teachers receive training, Building Imagination resources and all the necessary safeguarding for you to be able to be involved in the sessions. You will also have access to comprehensive lesson plans, activity presentations, and full teaching support.




Working for Building Imagination has been an invaluable experience. I discovered a passion for working with children and was part of an amazing and welcoming team.

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Facilitator, R & D 

Being a part of the Building Imagination team has reminded me how learning is a life long process and discovering ways to cultivate that.




Being a part of the Building Imagination team has been inspirational for my own art & design practice and has built my confidence in delivering sessions and school assemblies.