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Free-building = Free-thinking

At Building Imagination we put a lot of time and energy into our lesson planning and curating activities for our students. We are constantly researching educational ideas, teaching methods, new technologies as well us updating our presentations and inspirational content to make sure that what we do is constantly evolving to meet our students ever-changing needs.

We have awesome design challenges such as 3D glasses, balloon powered vehicles, SNOT building to name a few which prove very popular with our students.

Through our experience we also have realised that we need to make a lot of space for free-building in between all these awesome design challenges. Giving students the opportunity to create their own design challenge, perhaps to re-visit a topic with a new perspective or simply to how the freedom to explore their own creativity is super productive.

We love this Kaleidoscope created by our students in free-thinking lesson, simply from standard 2 x 4 bricks. The possibilities for creation are endless, even with the simplest tools and building blocks.


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