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We are born creative

"You're 96 Percent Less Creative Than You Were as a Child. Here's How to Reverse That"

We recently came across a Nasa study that found that 98% of 5 year olds were creative geniuses and that this percentage decreased as children aged.

Nasa has confirmed what we at Building Imagination already feel. That creativity is inherent within us and that it needs to be cultivated and cared for as children grow up. It is an essential part of everything we do and we believe that we all have the power and potential to keep being creative.

This self belief is so powerful and when we ask the question 'Who believes they have the potential to create something amazing?' it is always our younger students who feel more confident in themselves. We KNOW the answer is everyone, we just need to make sure that the students we work with as well know this too.

Thanks NASA for coming up with some hard evidence to prove this.

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I wish that you were around when I was a child. I am 68 years old and working on my creativity and imagination now to keep my mind young. I will also work with our Grandson using your info. Thankyou! Max Coffey -

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