At Building Imagination, we offer STEAM/STEM activities, curriculum, teaching resources and teacher training for Reception, KS1 & KS2. We run after-school clubs, STEAM tutoring, workshops, training sessions and holiday camps. All of our STEM and STEAM clubs, workshops and teaching materials are designed to nurture children's confidence and inspire imagination. Discover what makes us different below. The skills we teach range from engineering and technology subjects to architecture and design. We teach coding through creative robotics projects and research the latest equipment.

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inspiring a generation of thinkers and innovators 



Our mission is to lay the seeds for the thinkers and innovators of tomorrow to grow into their passions. We believe building children's confidence and providing them with opportunities to find where their interests and talents meet is the key to unleashing their potential. As well as nurturing innovation, we consider it important for our STEM/STEAM clubs, workshops, and curriculum to contribute to students' happiness and sense of wellbeing. Our sessions are a space for children to experiment without the pressure or fear of 'getting it wrong'. We use STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design and Maths) based activities. 


Given the right opportunities, every child will prosper and thrive. Technology is advancing rapidly and this is giving way to a new generation of ways to build, create and invent. Our aim is to introduce children to the tools that are available, inspire them with what is possible and let their imaginations run wild. We do this by offering exciting STEM and STEM challenges to Reception, KS1 & 2 through our collaboration with schools in the form of training, resources, afterschool clubs, robotics workshops, and holiday camps.

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makes us 


Building Imagination was born from a desire to enrich the education of our younger generations. We felt our own education lacked diversity and the encouragement to follow our passions and explore our creativity to its fullest potential. Play and experimentation is at the core of the sessions we deliver. The learning results from these initial sessions have been outstanding.

We introduce students to new concepts, technologies and ways of thinking. By utilising the knowledge of our specialist tutors we have created STEAM & STEM activities that give students a fast track into the areas that they are most interested in. We believe that simply recounting information is becoming increasingly obsolete and we need to educate young people to be flexible, creative, fluid and to think critically.



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